Free food themed slots to play online

Free Food Slot Machines to Play for Fun

Whether you are more of a high-end type with cravings for lobster and sushi, or prefer the singular satisfaction only fast food can bring, playing free slots games for fun, when the subject is food, can tickle any epicurean fancy. Anything and everything is cooking in the online casino, it’s a veritable food fight. Eating healthy? Catch some fish for dinner, trout, striped bass, and tuna. Add a side salad of fresh garden vegetables: round juicy tomatoes, crunchy carrots, beautiful beets, and crisp cucumbers. Create your own fruit salad with ripe pineapple, pink and green watermelons, classic red cherries, plump pears, purple grapes, and fresh apples. Or maybe it’s time for a sugar rush, with cookies, pastries, and cakes and where 3 cherry pies is a big win. Finish with a selection of nuts and an assortment of fine chocolates. Then again, have a backyard barbeque with hamburgers, hot-dogs, ketchup and mustard. Go spicy with hot peppers, or cool it down with cold and sweet ice cream. You may want to match your own dinner to your favorite free slots game. Cook ahead of time or order in from a restaurant, because playing these games will undoubtedly make you hungry.