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Dive right in with Dolphin Cash, where you’ll be surrounded by the underwater critters of a faraway tropical paradise. Ambient sounds and sharp graphics bring life to a full HD underwater world. Sit back, relax, and set those reels a spinning! “Being a Viking isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun!” Take a trip back to a simpler time, where the land was untouched by the industries of man and Viking pranksters tried to one-up each other every chance they got. This free five-reel Full HD slots games set in ancient Scandanavia is filled with fun and bonuses enough to keep you spinning for hours – just make sure you don’t go charging headlong into any cardboard cut-out animals. For something a little darker, head down one of the city’s grimy alleyways with Rousseau, a French detective intent on tracking down a rather clumsy thief in After Night Falls. It is up to you as Rousseau’s partner to stop the thief from escaping with the jewels – and maybe you’ll find yourself a reward of your own at the end of this free online HD slots game.

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Things get a little crazy in Ned and His Friends. Help Ned find the vermin (his “friends”) trying to – what else? – steal the cookies from the cookie jar. If light-hearted comic relief is what you like in your free online gambling games, then this is where you’ll find it. If journies through the Arabian sands for mystical gems and magical genies is more your flavor, Three Wishes is right up your alley. Discover long forgotten chests of treasure and beautiful Arabian princesses, enchanted flying carpets and mischievous little monkeys. Just be sure to wear something with long sleeves – the desert heat is sweltering and the gritty winds are stinging, and it’s sure to get cold when the sun sets.