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Free Gold Themed Slots for Fun

There is a vast storehouse of mythology around gold: rumors of an Aztec city of gold deep in the jungle, where piles of priceless artifacts are hidden, tales of pirate treasure forgotten on some tropical island, a secret factory where alchemists can make dull metal into golden ingots, or a new gold mine discovered in a remote corner of the American desert by persistent gold diggers. Gold fever is real, spawning the gold rush, which drew thousands of individuals far from home, out west to the California desert or to remote mountains in Asia and Africa, for the chance to become immeasurably rich. It drew explorers like Columbus to sail across the world for glory and advancement. Gold is an important symbol of the online casino, offering the hopeful promise of true riches, and many free online gold slots have gold as a central theme. Search for gold with the conquistadors, sail with pirates, dive deep into the sea and swim with mermaids in the quest for sunken bullion. Raid bank vaults for stacks of heavy gold bars. With these free online gold slots with no download you can become a prospector yourself and find the way to your own golden future.