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Cleopatra once famously said “Fool! I would have poisoned you a thousand times over, had I not been able to live without you!” Queen of the Nile, ruler of Egypt, renowned for her wit and tremendous beauty she was mistress to Caesar and Marc Anthony. Plutarch described her company as engaging, and her voice sweet and particularly charming. It is also true she snuck into Caesar’s rooms rolled in a rug so as to escape the eyes and ire of a prying crowds, displeased with her influence over the Emperor. The powerful Marc Anthony, smitten, abandoned his wife for her. Now she awaits with a chance for you to try your luck and win a jackpot of treasure as you play these free slots for fun. She is as stubborn as she is beautiful once saying “I did not yield, I was conquered”. Perhaps you will win your place and King of the Nile or usurp her as Queen with a little online gambling. Strive to get a line of golden ankhs, sinuous asps, tall pyramids, or mysterious kohl lined eyes. Be reminded of the vast wealth and power of the ancients Play this free Cleopatra slots game online without deposit.