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Remember the DC Comic or Marvel Comics books you used to stay up reading late at night with a flashlight under the covers? Or perhaps you still love a good comic store, and can browse through publications for hours, enjoying the cool characters and frame by frame graphic action. Comics are both nostalgic and modern, a true art form that keeps evolving. Now, with no downloads, you can enjoy the same gripping style playing some free comics slots for fun. Discover your favorite, super hero, detective, noir adventures as you enjoy a little online gambling as well. Something about the mix of old and new style comics calls to mind the timeless vibrant atmosphere of the casino. The colors are vivid; in particular the vibrant yellow which often surrounds a punch or an explosion with a jagged star: “Bang!” “Wham,” “Boom”. In download free comics slots you will find icons like the fedora wearing detective, the cigar smoking villain and caped super-hero are all a part of these highly entertaining and well conceived games. Video shorts draw you in with saucy dialog and the promise of mysterious adventures down dark allies and in smoky bars, sax driven soundtracks, and chances to solve the mystery and win the reward.