Cops and Robbers, free slots to play online!

Cops and Robbers Slots No Registration

Bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do when they come for you? Bank vault heists, jewelry store robberies, fire power, fast cars and the stalwart uniformed law enforcers all come into play in these free slots for fun. It’s police vs. criminal meets online gambling, with all the best parts of playing cops and robbers. Take your pick of any online free slots game. From iconic classic goofy comic book bad guys, in colorful suits and fedoras, to ice cold, sharply styled, dark suited, thieves who look like they have stepped out of a high-end video or movie with hard-worn realistic faces, not to be forgotten in a mug shot. Bank vault codes are cracked, plastic explosive blow holes through reinforced concrete, to reveal stacks of crisp cash and bags of sparkling diamonds, and gleaming gold bars. And then it’s on; the blood-pumping pursuit begins. Hand cuffs come out, badges, then pistols and high-powered rifles. In the background sirens wail, tires screech, and guns fire. In the end, some bad guys escape with the riches, while others get nabbed and put behind bars. In the meantime the booty is always up for grabs in the midst of the chase.