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Better get water for the camels, saddle your horse western style, or prepare to smash open that ripe coconut. Whether you are inclined to be a sheik, cowboy, pirate, or island girl you can enjoy the feel of warm sand between your toes and the sun drenched openness of a wild vista as you travel to a vast desert or to your own desert island--all while playing free Desert slots for fun. An unexplored landscape beckons, with promise of profit and adventure. Find a true oasis filled with gold treasures left by an ancient dark-haired queen. Rest in the shade of lush green palm trees under a wide expanse of blue sky. Or, at night, when the glimmering moon rises over the canyon you can set off in a quest for hidden treasure buried deep in the sparkling sand, abandoned by train robbers of the American west. Then again, perhaps a search for pirate gold, where “X” marks the spot on a crinkled map, and colorful parrots lead the way, is what you are after, and you prefer an island-themed free Desert slots machines game. Either way, a trip to hallowed sun filled environments can be part of your online gambling experience.