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A girl’s best friend, always diamonds never fail to enchant. The root of the Greek word for diamond is “adama,” meaning, unbreakable or untamed. Coming in all shapes hues and varieties from the rainbows of iridescent clear crystal, glowing pink, artic blue and mysterious black, diamonds have long been the most coveted objects of beauty. Symbols of enduring love, royal status and great wealth many have lost their lives in pursuit of their prized value. In ancient India where diamonds were first believed to be discovered, they were even revered as signals from the gods. Now when you play free diamond slots for fun you can unearth your own diamonds by swinging a hammer in an African mine, or gain a gleaming treasure from a beautiful queen. If you are feeling adventurous you can lift the loot from a gang of jewel thieves or the vault of a well-guarded bank. A free online slots machines game featuring diamonds will always set the mind and its intention to thoughts of untold riches and unmatched beauty. Online gambling, offers many exciting options to win, a double or triple diamond symbol may mean you can soon purchase your own precious 10 karat jewel.