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Epic legends abound in these free slots for fun with fantasy themes. Gilgamesh and other great monsters, from gigantic writhing sea creatures, terrifying trolls and enormous orcs and ogres. Play an online free slots game with dungeons and dragons, or follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy in search of the wizard of Oz. Wander through a magical forest where mists rise from the mossy ground and trees are inhabited by lithe spirits. The vast number of these online casino games ensures the fantasies can be ongoing. Leave the real well behind you. Follow a flowered path to a shimmering pool where unicorns come to quench their thirst. Encounter an ethereal nymph dressed in silvery leaves, her long hair spilling over her shoulders. Or find glowing fairy with transparent wings as she guides you toward a stash of enchanted treasure. Or follow a leprechaun as he leads you to the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cast spells with ancient runes taken from a well-worn wizard’s book. Swim deep in colorful coral kingdoms with mermaids in search of large luminescent pearls. Discover the lost city of Atlantis and all its riches deep beneath a dark sea.