Play free Japanese slots and say konnichiwa to cash

No deposit free Japanese slots for fun

Enter the Land of the Rising Sun when you make your bets in this Japanese online casino. Greeted by a ravishing geisha dressed in the traditional kimono, you will be whisked away into the country of samurai, sumo, and sushi. If you line up the right Japanese kanji, you may win a lot of yen. Spicy wasabi and delicious sushi can entice you to play another round of these free slots online. Enter ancient temples accompanied with the distinct sounds of traditional Japanese music, as if you’re gambling right in the heart of the country. But unlike a plane ticket to Tokyo, and with no downloads, these slots can be played online for free. Cherry blossoms, or sakura, decorate the backgrounds of games that require a more zen Buddhist mentality. If you want to travel a darker road, play games populated with ninjas wielding the power of karate, ju jitsu, and other martial arts practices as well as katana swords and nunchaku. There are also games with the trappings of modern Japanese culture, with bright colors, frenetic action, and kawaii characters. Whether you prefer the traditional look or modern-day, anime-obsessed Japan, you’ll find what you’re looking for here: big wins!