Play for Jewels and Gems with these free slots

Fun Jewels and Gems Slots for Free

Find the crown jewel and win big when you try your luck with any one of these free online slots. Line up crystals, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds to get the most for your money. You can play gambling games resembling a version of Bejeweled in the online casino—only you’ll be scoring cash winnings as opposed to mere points. Travel to the Orient where a Princess of Arabia can bestow upon you jewels that translate to winnings beyond your wildest of dreams. Or, win the jewel of the Nile and take off with your loot before crocodiles – or cops – catch up with you. Explore the depth of the jungle like fabled treasure hunters to find the prize you seek, and you may even find the rare jewel of the Pacific. Take to the high seas to find the jewels you want, and come up against pirates for domain over the booty. For a more glamorous game, play like a millionaire and win with diamond-cut jewels, golf clubs, and gold-studded rings. Or collect crowns like a king to win. You can play these free slots with abandon, as there are no downloads! Why not add more cash to your collection?