Catch Jungle fever when you play free Jungle slots

Play Fun Jungle Slots for Free

Don’t go wild when you win playing these free online jungle-themed slots! Friendly apes such as moneys, gorillas, and chimpanzees populate this online casino, and will gladly share their golden bananas with you when you win. However, keep an eye out for lions, tigers, jaguars, and other fierce jungle beasts when you make your bets. They can help you or harm you in your quest for treasure. But there’s no need to fear; you can partake in the madness without going mad yourself. No downloads necessary: you can make it rain with fruits of the jungle such as mangoes, melons, bananas, and coconuts. Or if venturing into uncharted territory, arm yourselves with weapons and be prepared to take out any hostile creatures or cannibals in your explorations. But don’t shoot before you ask questions: you might meet Tarzan and his jungle queen on your way. Other exotic creatures such as parrots, toucans, blue morpho butterflies, and tree frogs will add splashes of color to the densely green scenery, and each can bestow upon you cash gifts of varying amounts. With no deposit and no downloads, you can play these slots online for free with no cash commitment – and no jungle fever.