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You might not have the inheritance of a vast kingdom or estate, but you might just win enough cash to buy one if you play at any of these free online King slots! Though royalty might not dare to set foot in casinos, much less online ones, you can play at the fortune of three kings when the wheels start spinning! Find the classic themes of Medieval knights, swords, and castles, when you play, as well as battle axes, goblets, and royal jewels abound, Or you can crown yourself king of Africa with spears, lion’s hides, and the animals of the savannah such as zebras and antelope. Or crown yourself king of the Nile, declaring yourself a god and don the trappings of a pharaoh, such as the special crown, pyramids, and sarcophagi. With no downloads, all you need is a reliable internet connection to take your chance at a fortune of royal proportions. Play at legendary kings such as King Arthur or Poseidon, King of the sea, and conquer vast lands and rise above the ordinary peasant. By playing these free King slots online, you can make yours a true rags to riches story of royal proportions.