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Get funky and play these fun monkey slots online now! Journey into the jungle home of these loveable primates, where you can win some major bonuses and a few extra spins to score some major cash prizes. Meet the monkey’s playful cousins, the chimpanzee, the baboon, and gorilla, as well as some of his jungle friends like the rhinoceros, zebra, and elephant. Yet, even the primates’ chief adversaries—the lion, the jaguar, and snake—can bring home some big bucks for you. The monkey may be the mad king of the jungle, but the potential for prizes is no laughing matter in this online casino. And with no downloads required, you can spin these free slots to your heart’s content online. The monkey will screech with delight when you’ve won, and mini games will give you the chance to win some more big bucks. If you prefer your primates on the tamer side, play the circus where they often sport a fancy hat and tie, and count clowns, acrobats, and strongmen as their friends. Or suit up your monkey and launch into space for some truly out-of-this-world winnings. The only thing crazy about these monkey-themed gambling games is the cash prizes you’ll be taking away!