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Inhabit the spirit of a ninja and win big money for free with this collection of sneaky slots games. Longtime enemy of the samurai, the silent but deadly ninja has been a solid mainstay of Japanese legend and lore. When you play in this online casino, you’ll see imagery inspired by traditional Japanese art and hear music and sounds emulating the shamisen, a traditional stringed instrument. On the reels you’ll see weapons such as shuriken, or throwing stars, and the katana swords often associated with the Japanese warriors. The backgrounds maintain low lighting to evoke the ideal environment for a skilled and cunning ninja. Dotting the landscape among the majestic mountains are shrines and temples built in the distinct Japanese style, and paper-thin walls with silhouettes of the mysterious warriors creeping behind them. You will also find helmets and armor belonging to the Samurai. Wins will coax animated ninjas out of the shadows, but they will only make a brief show of their martial art prowess before they vanish back behind the reels. Call them out again with bonus rounds, where lining up the right scrolls will reward your handsomely. Don’t wait for chance to sneak up on you – play these free ninja slots now!