Enter the galaxy and play Free Space slots

Free space slots online with bonus features

Have you ever stared up to the sky and wondered what life is like in the world above? Have you ever imagined being able to soar from planet to planet and ride along the Milky Way of splendor? The nights can be so breathtakingly phenomenal, as stars twinkle brightly and the Little Dipper can be seen. The planets have left so much mystery within and the moon and the sun are only a fraction of what can be seen. But what about other life forms like aliens and invaders? Will they stay far away or wreak havoc on earth and start monster-like wars?

No one will ever know the truth of the world above, but free space slots can be your own definition what few can only imagine. The symbols will be graced with alien faces, with stars and planets and galactic treasures. Each bonus round will start off with high-pitched waves of light and sound and goose bumps will rise as you start each new play. No registration is required with this online free slots game. It’s just filled with tricks and tips and nudges and features. So play now and soar into the galaxy of unlimited winnings with free spin after spin.