Free War slots online with nudges included

The enemy is not far from the war zone. But you must be strong and fight the battle like a Viking. You cannot let him win and over power you. Look to your commander. Take heed to the wisdom he has granted you and let victory be yours. This world war is not for the meek-minded, nor for those lacking courage. Every Army troop will come with tanks and each Navy team will be armed with a battleship. This world war will even have troops from Asian countries and Sparta too; the greatest military power of Greece. You must do all that is necessary to protect your empire and avoid the space war that also looms overhead. This is a huge undertaking and you cannot let your people down. Jump into this war, head on, walk the trenches of this online casino and play free war slots until the enemy is captured. Don’t worry about losing, because you will have unlimited spins and chances to win the jackpot of life. You will be given tips along your journey and nudges to move your forward. Your fellow soldiers will be forever grateful for your courage on these free online war slots games and everyone will make it home alive and a winner.