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The evil of the night is here. The dark clouds are hovering over the cold and eerie lake. The sounds of cars passing by penetrate the silence of an unsettling scene. It’s unclear as to where I should go. Is it safe? Should I run? Should I hide? I’ve never felt this type of horror in my soul. My nerves are dislodged and my bones are seemingly weak. I can’t even feel my toes and my fingers from these horrid freezing temperatures. I’ve heard so much said about this place by the lake. I can’t believe I’ve found myself here, especially this late. Rumors have been spoken about the evil that lurks and those who’ve been killed in a night filled with horror. The walking dead have been seen here and monsters have had their fill. I just know I must find a way to unleash this paralyzing chill. I can escape to my online casino, where the nightmares are only an illusion of my mind. I can play unlimited games and earn Zombie money too. These online free slots games are a breeze with no downloads required, and I can learn tips and tricks and find jackpots of gold. Come in where it’s safe and play free Zombie slots.